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2004 Schedule
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2004 Schedule
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2004 Schedule
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Johnny Benson
Ken Schrader
Dale Earnhardt, Jr
Kevin Harvick
Terry Labonte
Bobby Labonte
Jamie McMurray
Ken Schrader
Jimmy Spencer
Tony Stewart
Jamie McMurray
Drivers I Can't Stand 
Kurt Busch
Jeff Gordon
Dale Jarrett
Jimmy Johnson
Jeremy Mayfield
Hermie Sadler
Rusty Wallace
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Earnhardt Jr., Sadler claim qualifying races
Qualifying quotes

"I've got a great car for the 500," Junior said after his second qualifying race win in a row. "You've just got to be leading, that's all there is to it."

"This is probably the biggest win I've ever had in my life," Sadler said. "It's a very emotional win for me right now." "... I am the favorite," he said after winning the second of the day's races. "I out-qualified him (Earnhardt Jr.) and I won my race, too. I know you guys in the media and everybody in Daytona is picking him as the favorite, and that's cool. I don't mind being the underdog."

The Chase of 2004!
New Points System? It's not for everybody that's for sure! How the heck can Mike Helton say that it's not going to be a top 10 playoff when that's EXACTLY what it is? More points to a race winner I agree with but to leave everybody else behind with 10 races to go? Why should anyone outside the top 10 even race the last 10 races? All they would really have to do is qualify, race one lap and park it as far as I can see, because they're not going to go anywhere else. Unless the drivers stay within 400 points of the top driver they are screwed. I mean think about positions 11 on back. I'm sure some drivers don't mind the new points system at all, but what if they are a top driver and they have a bad year, with 10 races to go they are just outside the top 10 in points, they are 600 points away from the number 1 spot but only 100 or so points outside the top 10? Oh well, according to the new points system that's just too bad. According to the new rules even the 10th place finisher could have bad finishes the last 10 races but guess what? According to the rules because 11th on back wasn't within that 400 mark, he's guaranteed a 10th place finish. BULL! I'm wondering who got paid and how much to come up with this? e-mail me your thoughts

Park to Drive in Truck Series
Highs and Lows of 2003
Top 10 quotes of 2003
Kerry Earnhardt and RCR
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